Lookpro Sports Photography provide high quality sports actions shots.  Follow the link below for more information.  

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Total Physio Kanwal assist in looking after the players of the Wyong Roos.  Brendan Clark and his team can also assist you with all your physiotherapy needs.  The practice is situated in Suite C9, Kanwal Medical Centre, 654 Pacific Highway, Kanwal.   Phone: 43933777. 

Click on the link below for the website of Total Physio Kanwal.

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Jeff Munday was first involved with the Roos in 1992 as Manager of the Under 13’s coached by club stalwart Geoff Greentree. Jeff has managed a Roos team each year since, moving into the seniors in 1997, and managing or co-managing the top grade since 2000.


A mechanic by trade, Jeff has maintained the Clubs fleet of buses and other vehicles since 2001. Currently struggling with a back problem, Jeff cannot wait to complete his recovery and get back to fishing, playing golf and walking his dogs.


The 1992 Under 13’s team included Mark O’Meley. With Mark’s recent signing with the Roos, the rugby league circle has somewhat closed for Jeff with the opportunity to again manage a team that includes the Ogre. 


“You wouldn’t do it unless you enjoyed it. The other support staff have been a good bunch of blokes to work with. More or less the same crew every week. Those that arrive first in the morning are the last ones to leave at the end of the day. We usually have a traveller on the way home and dissect the game. That is one of the most enjoyable parts for me. Working with Chealy (Life Member Alan Cheal) and Bruiser (Bruce Stringer) was great. “


SM: “Have you seen much change at the Club over the years you have been involved?”


JM: “In my time here, I’ve seen five Football Managers…Terry Wand, Geoff Todd, Pezzie (Troy Pezet), Pete Bryant and now Matt (Matt Lavin). Whilst all differ in the way they handled things, the thing common to them was their heart was in the Club. And this is a Club that has always looked after it’s players. We don’t begrudge anyone moving on, trying to better themselves, but most of them end up back here. So some things have not changed. But last year (Season 2013) was massively different…..the way we trained and prepared. It was like going from playing Reserve Grade to First Grade. The most remarkable change for me is the level of training and how they (the players) look after themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed last season.”


SM: “What did you enjoy most?”


JM: “I particularly enjoyed visiting those old grounds that I had not been to in many years. And it was nice to win.”


SM: “Did one victory stand out from the others?”


JM: “No, not really. We were not given a hope….everyone thought we were going to be the whipping boys. We surprised a lot of people. Wherever we played, I spoke with the committee men from the other (NSW Cup) clubs. And they had nothing but praise. They kept commenting that we were not going away. String (Coach Paul Stringer) and the boys did an excellent job. It must be remembered that if we had a reliable goal kicker, we would have won another four games and been knocking on the door of the semi-finals. And I think the players learned the opposition are no better than us. They might have NRL contracts, but many of them have just been a bit luckier with their careers.”



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Assistant Coach, Ian Bourke, played his junior football with Cowra Magpies, and moved to Newcastle as a 17 year old in 1996, initially playing in the Knights Jersey Flegg team before graduating to the Under 20’s squad in 1997.


Ian received the Knights Under 20’s Player of the Year Award in 1997 and represented City as a hooker that year. Pressure from the likes of Lee Jackson and a young Danny Buderus saw Ian squeezed out of the Knights system, and after trialling with St George Dragons, Canberra Raiders and North Sydney, he signed with Lakes United, playing in three consecutive Newcastle Grand Finals between 2000 and 2002, skippering the club to the premiership in 2001.


As Captain Coach 2004-2007, Ian guided Lakes to back to back premierships in 2006 & 2007, and was named Newcastle Coach of the Year in 2004. Ian was non-playing coach of Lakes in 2008. In 2009 he took the reigns of the Newcastle Coast team for the annual Coast v Coalfields representative trial, and in 2010 was Assistant Coach of the Newcastle Representative team which won the CRL Championship.


Away from football, Ian works as a miner in a local colliery, and he and his wife Kelly keep busy with four children under six years.


Ian was Rip Taylor’s assistant at the Knights in 2011 & 2012, and Rick Stone’s assistant in 2013.


“It was tough leaving Stoney. But this was a great opportunity. The Club is heading in the right direction. I have always had a great deal of respect for the Roos operation.”


SM: “How would you describe your coaching?”

IB: “I’m a bit old school. You need to get your core skills right. There is no point attempting the super play if you don’t have those core skills. And I am a great believer in the fact you get out what you put in; there are no short cuts. If you do the right things by yourself and by the Club, success will follow.”


SM: “Any predictions for 2014?”

IB: “The Club did well with the playing group it had last season. No predictions. I just want to see improvement.”








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Belinda Hill commenced working for the Club in 2006, initially behind the bar and later in sponsorship, her position subsequently evolving into everything football. Belinda’s official title is Business Development and she is the Secretary of the Roos Juniors.


Belinda is married to Open Age Coach, Jerry Muddy Hill, and their sons Jack and Noah will respectively play with the Roos Under 13’s and Under 9’s in season 2014.


SM: “Take me through a typical work day…”

BH: “I arrive in the morning…say G’day to Rip (Head Coach Robert Taylor) and Matt (Football Manager Matt Lavin). They then tell me what they want me to do that day. And when I have done their stuff, I get around to my work.”


SM: “So is it jobs for the boys?”

BH: “Yes.”


SM: “But aren’t certain jobs associated with rugby league better suited to the boys and others better suited to the girls?”

BH: “No.”


SM: “Are you sure?”

BH: “Obviously things connected to training….the boys are better suited to that. But when it comes to dealing with sponsors, arranging presentations and the like, anything involving some level of organisation….I find women much better suited.”


SM: “I detect a level of frustration about the job in your answers. What frustrates you about the job?”

BH: “Matt Lavin…..if there’s something he can do, he should do it….rather than palm it off to me. I like to do things once and properly. Matt will partly do something, go off and do something else, then later he might return to complete the first job. I can’t stand that.”


SM: “What’s it like working in an all male environment? Language and such?”

BH: “To tell you the truth, I’d rather work with the guys. And I’m married to a tradie. I’ve heard it all before. There’s a time and place. We have heaps of fun most of the time…it’s generally fun to come to work. We have a laugh.”


SM: “Last season you travelled to New Zealand with the NSW Cup squad. What was the experience like for you?”

BH: “It was the best experience….being around the professional football environment…..seeing what happens first hand; the training and preparation. And the involvement with Fox Sports.”


SM: “What about this coming season?”

BH: “I can’t wait for it to start…..juniors and seniors.”


SM: “Is that because it signals the end of a certain part of your workload?”

BH: “No. I just really like football.”


SM: “Do you have any ambitions within the Club?”

BH: “I always wanted to be a Football Manager.”


SM: “Manage a team?”

BH: “No. Like Matt’s job.”


SM: “Not anymore?”

BH: “Ask me again at the end of the season.”


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The Wyong Roos have a number of football players who are seeking casual/full time employment.  If you own a business or can assist please contact the Football Manager Mr Matt Lavin on 0414 012 437 or email mlavin@wyongleagues.com.au.

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Craig Davis is Head Medical Officer with Wyong Roos, principally focusing on meeting the many and varied needs of the NSW Cup squad in this area, including first aid, strapping and injury management.

Joining Wyong Juniors in 2005, Craig was President for two years and First Aid officer for five years. In 2009 Craig shifted to the seniors, working as an orange shirt.     He has been the Head Trainer for the NSW Cup team since they commenced in the NSW Cup competition in 2013 and continues this role for season 2015.

Craig and his wife Jeannette have two sons, Harrison and Ryan, both of whom have worn the green and gold. Ryan will play with the Under 14’s this coming season. Craig worked with Fire Rescue for three years, then joined NSW Police. He is a senior officer  in his 28th year of service.

“The highlight for me last season had to be the win over the Kiwi’s in New Zealand.The inaugural win against Canterbury was good, but for me that victory in New Zealand has to be the one.”

SM: “What is your view about preparations so far for season 2014?”

CD: “The coaching styles (that of former coach Paul Stringer and current coach Rip Taylor) are different. One is not necessarily better than the other. Different approaches and different emphases. There is a changed feeling in the dressing room as well. That might have something to do with the fact we have had that first year under our belts. Last year, many of the squad didn’t know what to expect. They now know what is required at this level. And the injection of senior players like Ogre (Mark O’Meley) and Bennett Leslie have created a good mix. There is a positive vibe about the place. The pre-season has focussed on physical toughness and mental toughness, but particularly mental toughness. The boys are itching to get on the paddock. We will have a good year.”





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Shane Selby played his junior football with Brighton Seagulls as a back rower and represented St George in the Harold Matthews and SG Ball Cup, before turning out for the Tigers in the NSW Cup competition. An ankle injury ruled him out of more serious football, but after relocating to the Central Coast in 2005, he played with Dora Creek in the Lower Hunter competition. After suffering further injury and spending 16 weeks in a knee brace, Shane decided to call time on his playing career, but still wanted to stay involved in the game.


Shane joined Wyong in Season 2013. “I wanted to come to Wyong because it’s a big club…..a professional club. I wanted to learn.”


Shane is the Rehab Officer for the VB NSW Cup squad.


SM: “Is that a bullshit job?”


SS: “No. Matt (Strength & Conditioning Head Coach Matt Toohey) has put me through my Level 1 Strength & Conditioning. I help Matt. It is an important job….managing injured players properly and getting them back on the field as soon as possible fully fit.”


SM: “Do you enjoy the role?”


SS: “I enjoy working with the younger players…having a bit of a mentoring role. Some of them struggle a bit….mentally…when they are injured. I have been there myself. And what Rip spoke about…..missed opportunities….not giving it your all when you have the chance. I know about that…I can help them with that as well. And I enjoy learning. I’ve been picking up a lot from Matt. Love it.”


SM: “Do we have any sooks?”


SS: “Two definitely. And three or four who are a bit precious….high maintenance you might say.”


SM: “Do you have any personal goals for 2014?”


SS: “Learn as much as I can.”


SM: “You work closely with the players. How do you see 2014 unfolding?”


SS: “If they perform to their potential they will get themselves into the eight (semi finals).”


Shane is married to Kylie and the couple have two children; Matilda (6 years) and Chayse (3 years). Shane is the Manager of Bunnings at Cameron Park.  

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Matt is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, joining the Roos for Season 2014. After securing his Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Ourimbah, Matt completed his internship under Lee Clarke and Tim Rogers at Newcastle Knights, entering the industry in 2010 with the Knights Harold Matthews and S G Ball Cup squads. As a post-graduate, Matt recently finished his Master’s degree via correspondence through Edith Cowan University.


SM: “Do you have a rugby league background?”

MT: “I played school footy…watched the game…and always liked it.”


SM: “When you started in the role at Wyong, were you surprised by anything? Did any of your pre-conceptions prove false or inaccurate?”

MT: “Not really. I pretty much knew what to expect. Some of my mates have gone through the Knights system.”


SM: “Why come to Wyong?”

MT: Opportunity… a chance to run my own program with a more senior team.”


SM: “Will you be doing anything revolutionary?”

MT: “No. Logistics and time won’t allow it.”


SM: “Are you happy where the squad is at right now, in terms of strength and fitness?”

MT: “That is probably a question better asked after today’s trial (against North Sydney). Not having been here last year, I don’t have a point of reference, but I do have some idea where the players are at. Some of the strength tests are good. And I use the GPS to track the players and I can measure their progression through my weights program. So I have a good understanding of where they are at. Knowing where the top level (NRL) guys are at, we still have some way to go.”


SM: “Can we compete at this level?”

MT: “Excluding the skills factor, strictly from a physical standpoint, yes we can compete, but we start from a point of disadvantage, and it is very tough. At this level the majority of opposition teams are full time professionals….so we have to get through a fair quantity of work within limited periods of time. I am mindful that many of our players are working full time and have other commitments….I cannot be too demanding. It is about getting the balance right….rest, exercise and diet.”


SM: “How do you do that? Trial and error? Are you able to tailor your program to the individual needs of each player?”

MT: “No, not trial and error. I have a general template…a global program for the playing group. Again time and logistics do not allow it to be tailored for individual players, but it can be tweaked if I see a need and an anticipated improvement.”


SM: “For you, what would define a successful season?”

MT: “Put simply…minimal injuries….and not getting run over in the back end of games.”  



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Lenore graduated in 2011 from the AustralianCollege of Physical Education and hasbeen working casually at St Peter’s College Tuggerah and TerrigalHigh School since completing herpracticum at Tumbi and Terrigal High Schools and StEdwards College. Lenore has an athletics background, starting with Tuggerah LakesLittle A’s at the age of five, before moving into the seniors at Mingara. Dueto injury, she retired from running at age 20, with career highlights includinga third place in the Under 15 200m hurdles national titles and a fifth place inthe 90m hurdles at the same championships.

Lenore is a Level 2 Sprints and Hurdles coach and guides herown all female squad at Mingara. The squad includes Jamie Carr, the current Under17 Australian Hurdles champion. 

SM: “How did you come to be involved with the Roos?”

LB: “I was teaching at St Peters. Tony Brosnan asked me to do somesprint work with the Centurions….then Mick (Wyong Director MichaelCallaghan) asked me whether I would like to learn strapping andto help out with the Roos in the process.”

SM: “So, why agree?”

LB: “I’m only teaching PE on a casual basis.There is not a whole lot of work around. I applied for 12 jobs last termwithout success. It is very competitive…I thought this would add a bit extra tomy CV…help me stand out…help me get a job.”

SM: “Is teaching your dream job?”

LB: “Yes. I like helping kids….like helpingpeople.”

SM: “Have you been surprised by anything since you started workingwith the footy players?”

LB: “Yes. The contrast between athletics andrugby league. Athletics is very much an individual sport. In rugby league theplayers work together as a team. They support each other in a positive way thatyou don’t see to any real extent in athletics.”

SM: “Were you apprehensive about joining the staff of arugby league club?”

LB: “Because of my age, some people tend todismiss me as an athletics coach. I was a little concerned that my experiencemight not be recognised….but if you are alluding to having to work in an allmale environment, that’s not a problem for me. I have taught at St Edwards,which is an all boys school. The players here have been welcoming. I generallyfeel pretty comfortable in the dressing room…but if things start to feelawkward, I simply remove myself from the situation.”

SM: “Is it a boy’sclub?”

LB: “What’s that?”

SM: “A club exclusively for males…..where females have nolegitimate standing or function and are generally unwelcome.”

LB: “Well, if that’s what it is, no. I have notfelt that way….and I am not one to worry about that sort of thing in any event.I only have sisters….so it is good to get a bit of balance.”

SM: “Is there something you hope to achieve with the Roos?”

LB: “I want to do the Sports Trainer’s course.I’ve completed the strapping course and now need the practical experience. Iwould like to be a sprint coach for the higher grades….and to generally gainmore qualifications and experience…to expand my knowledge…working in adifferent field may open up different pathways for me….and it will be good toput on my CV.”

Lenore is a twin. Her sister Ellen is older by five minutes.      

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Rod played his junior football through to A Grade with St Benedicts at Auburn, but at 22 years of age gave away the game as a player when he and wife Sharon started their family.

The Cox’s moved to the Coast and first became involved with Wyong juniors around 1990 when eldest son Garry commenced with the U’7s.Younger boys Mitchell and Stephen joined the club in time, and the three boys progressed into grade. Rod coached U’12s, U’13s and 2nd Division, served as Vice President of the Junior body for a term and President for 3 years. Rod also managed the U’17’s, Open Age and Reserve Grade.

After making a break from rugby league a few years ago, Rod was coaxed from retirement to co-manage the NSW Cup squad.

SM: “Why come back?”

RC: “Matt Lavin approached me toward the end of last year. He said he wanted to get a few of the old boys back involved. And I was missing the atmosphere of the sheds and the other blokes… like Les (LifeMember Les Hannah), Angry (U’19 coach Jason Parker) and Jeff (Co-managerJeff Munday). Even Burger (Asst.Manager Mitch Thomas).

SM: “So did your return come with any restrictions?”

RC: “Yes. No golf.”

SM: “I know you love your golf.”

RC: “Yes, it was a big sacrifice.”

SM: “Are you entirely happy with your decision?”

RC: “No. I’m hanging to swing a club. But apart from missing golf, I’m good.”

SM: “Have you noticed any changes since coming back onboard?”

RC: “We’ve stepped up professionally by amile…..and I’m not bagging anyone….if you are playing pros, you have to step up to that level. And the calibre of players on board….I’ve been impressed by the commitment they show.”

SM: “Were you surprised by any of the changes in the football program?”

RC: “Yes. How every avenue has been covered.Staff wise….the kicking, strength and conditioning…. wrestling. It’s good to see. And the kids have a pathway….there is an opening for them to this level.”

SM: “What’s your involvement on game day?”

RC: “We make sure everything is prepared….that the players are properly hydrated….that all the paperwork is done….basically that the boys are not left wanting for anything.”

SM: “With a 3pm kick off, what time do you start in the sheds?”

RC: “About 1pm. I hope my missus doesn’t read this…but I like to get to the field around 8.30am.”

Away from football, Rod is in charge of maintenance at the Glendale School Narara, which caters for special needs children.

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With the endorsement of the Country Rugby League, the Sydney Roosters is pleased to announce the formation of an alliance with Central Coast Division Rugby League.

Through the partnership, the Sydney Roosters will provide a series of talent development pathways and participation development initiatives for local players, coaches, support staff, match officials and administrators as well as the formation of a secondary affiliation with Wyong Rugby League Club Group through its NSWRL Cup participation. The Roosters primary affiliation with the Newtown Jets NSWRL Cup Club will remain unchanged.

Follow the link below for full details.

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The Wyong Rugby League Football Club have available on the grounds ZOLL AED Plus defibrilators to assist should an emergency arise.  Defibrilator units are located inside the Junior Rugby league Office and inside the Wyong Seniors home dressing sheds.  

 Follow the link below for an instructional video link in the use of this device. 

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Friday 30 May 2014 marked a watershed for the game on the Central Coast and for Wyong Roos rugby league program, with the formalisation of a strategic alliance between CRL Central Coast Division and the Sydney Roosters, and a secondary affiliation between the foundation NRL club and Wyong Roos.

The agreement, announced at Central Coast Stadium Gosford, for the first time anywhere, brings together three major regional stakeholders,CRL/CCD Rugby League (Seniors and Juniors), Central Coast Centurions Representative Program, and Wyong Leagues Club Group as principal sponsor ofthat representative program and as the only stand alone operator of a VB NSW Cup license, into a cohesive alliance with an NRL Club to provide local players,officials and support staff with the same opportunities afforded those currently playing and working within an NRL system.

For elite Central Coast players there will be an established pathway from the Centurions S G Ball team into the Roosters NYC Under 20 squad. Those aspirational players not fortunate enough to be selected for the Roosters NYC squad will be able to continue their development on the Central Coast, resourced and overseen to a large degree by the Roosters,and will have the opportunity to progress in a parallel system through Ron Massey Cup with The Entrance and NSW Cup with Wyong. Sydney Roosters NRL side will enjoy the luxury of player portability with the Roos. Whilst the Roosters relationship with it’s primary affiliate, Newtown Jets, will remain unchanged,local fans and supporters can expect to see a number of players contracted withthe Roosters warehoused with Wyong and turning out for the Roos in the VB NSW Cup, and for some local players to undertake pre-season training and specialist skills sessions with the Roosters.

But the relationship does not only benefit elite players.Recreational players, local clubs (senior and junior) and administrators will have access to the Roosters management, coaching and development expertise and injury management processes. Roosters stars will be available for club functions, coach the coaches and player development days, and will supplement the programs already established and supported by Wyong Roos.

The formalisation of the arrangement is consistent with the NRL Strategic Plan and the Central Coast Division Strategic Plan, and is theculmination of multiple meetings and lengthy negotiations between Roosters CEO Brian Canavan, CRL management (Terry Quinn and Bert Lowrie), CRL Regional Area Manager Keith Onslow, Centurions Management (Tony Brosnan) and members of the Wyong Roos Football Committee, including Coach Taylor and Football Manager Matt Lavin.

With this secondary affiliation and strategic alliance as the platform, Wyong Roos look forward to the day when the Roosters NYC squad comprises mainly Central Coast juniors, and the Roos NSW Cup squad competes for the title with a playing group drawn from Central Coast juniors.

Coach Taylor spoke at the announcement.

“When I recruit players, they always ask.. but where to from here (Wyong)?Now I can say, the Roosters. They will be looking at you….and if you’re good enough…. The pathway is there for all local kids. But hopefully it will be much more than that. Local clubs will get assistance with injuries…rehab and prehab. Development programs, the referees and administrators will be better supported. The advantages that people withina n NRL system have enjoyed in the past will now be there for the Central Coast.”

Sydney Roosters will contribute to a Game Building Fund to be administered by CRL for the exclusive benefit of CCD rugby league. The monies will be utilised for a number of important projects, first of which will be the establishment of a comprehensive CCD website.

Brian Canavan stated; “This agreement will be for the balance oft his season, 2015 and 2016. But we hope it will be long term.”


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Outstanding Roos Junior, Jacob Liddle, has been selected in the Australian Schoolboys 24 man squad to tour the UK and Europe in November and December 2014.  Jacob’s selection follows the National Championships held in Darwin 6-11July.  Jacob and another Roos junior,J esse Ramien, represented NSWCHS, which finished runner up to NSW Combined Catholic Colleges in the tournament.

NSWCHS were defeated 22-10 in their opening match against NSWCCC on 6 July. Jacob was named Man of the Match in the second game on 8July, a 24-6 victory over ACT. NSWCHS beat Qld 28-14 in the semi-final, but went down 19-10 to NSWCCC in the final on 11 July.  NSWCCC led 17-0 at halftime in the final. NSWCHS came home strongly but ran out of time.

NSWCCC dominate the Australian Schoolboys squad, with 12 representatives, including Toukley Hawks junior, Jack Cogger.  Jacob represented the Centurions in this season’s S G Ball competition, and recently received the Centurions Player of the Year at the representative club’s annual presentation at Wyong Leagues Club.

The Australian Schoolboys will play a Test against the England Academy team as the highlight of the tour. The squad will be coached by Brian Battese from St John’s Woodlawn, who successfully guided NSWCCC to the championship.

Congratulations to Jacob and Jack. There is no higher honour in schoolboy rugby league.


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During Wyong Roos recent successful trip to Auckland, the VB NSW Cup squad trained at the south Auckland home ground of the Otahuhu Leopards, played a game of touch football with the locals and donated some gear to their Under 11’s players and officials.

The enthusiastic support and hospitality of the Leopards was well received by the travelling Roos, and they look forward to returning and renewing acquaintances next season.

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The Lakes Mail newspaper article - Wyong Roos & Sydney Roosters. 

Follow the link below. 

Click Here
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Mitchell Thomas is the Ground Manager for NSW Cup home games and is one of the Cup squad’s assistant managers. He commenced playing rugby league for the Roos as an Under 12 in 2000, after spending two seasons with Toukley Hawks. Mitch progressed through the junior ranks, then played Third Grade as a prop or second rower, often from the bench.

SM: “Why did you transfer from Toukley?”

MT: “My mates moved to Wyong, so I followed.”

SM: “What sort of player were you?”

MT: “Average…I was too fat. Training was not my strong point….you know, the running part.”

SM: “When did you get the nickname Burger?”

MT: “ I think Les Hannah gave it to me in the Under 17’s.”

SM: “Why?”

MT: “Something to do with my eating habits. Idon’t mind a hamburger. But I love KFC.”

SM: “Do you have a fitness regime?”

MT: “I walk the dog.”

SM: “What do you do as Ground Manager?”

MT: “Mainly I just walk around. I exchange team sheets, and I’m available to each side and the refs and officials if they need anything.”

SM: “And what about as Assistant Manager?”

MT: “I help Jeff (Munday) and Rod(Cox) with the changerooms.”

SM: “Why do it?”

MT: “I love it. I can’t play, but I’ve got to be involved. I’d get bored otherwise. It’s my hobby…something to do. I like to watch and see how they do things. I love the travel part…interacting with other people, going to the old grounds and the big stadiums…seeing places I would not otherwise see.”

SM:”You were part of the support staff prior to the move to the NSW Cup. Is there a difference?”

MT: “There is a big difference in my eyes. It is a big step from local or even Newcastle to play against fringe top players.”

SM: “Has anything surprised you about the NSW Cup competition?”

MT: “The professionalism….video sessions…physio…and training. The players look after themselves.”

SM: “I’ve noticed some of the players and staff give you a hard time.”

MT: “Yes. Everyone does…but if they are giving me shit, they are leaving someone else alone.”

SM: “Do you have any ambitions?”

MT: “When Coxie dies I would like to move up to Team Manager…go as high as I can.”

SM: “Do you have any predictions for the  rest of thisseason?”

MT: “We’ll finish eighth…..seventh or eighth. I give us a chance. We can do it.”

Mitch has been a groundsman at Kooindah Waters resort for almost two years. He is a wicket keeper batsman for Northern Power cricket club, and last summer was a member of the premiership winning Division 4 (5thGrade) team.


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Coach Rip Taylor took over the Roos for just their second campaign and took them from stone cold last place in 2013 to within a couple of converted tries of a Preliminary Final clash against the Panthers.  And while Taylor made some shrewd signings with players such as Mark O'Meley, Mark Kheirallah, Jono Ford, and Tekina Vailea all bringing something to the table, the fact remains that he has done all of this with a side that currently had no NRL affiliation.


Follow link below for full team.


Click Here
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Every team needs a Magnus Stromquist! The former Manly NYC player has been nothing short of sensational for the Roos in 2014, and playing alongside of former Kangaroo Mark O'Meley has given Magnus the confidence to take his game to another level.  Stromquist lead the league in hit ups and metres with a staggering 420 runs and he also played in all 26 of the Roos games.  And he didn't just put his hand up to carry the ball, Magnus was also top ten in the league for tackles too. 


Follow the link below for the full team.

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There is not much you can say about this guy that hasn't already been said.  The body of a mouse with the heart of a lion, Williams makes this team for the second straight year and perhaps had more influence in 2014 than what he had in 2013 when he claimed VB NSW Cup Player of the Year honours.  Always busy and always scheming, Williams was once again up near the pointy end of the tackle count for the season, but it is his ability to play through pain and injury, as he did late in the season, that sets him apart from many others who may have been sitting at home with their feet up on the couch.


Follow the link below for full team.

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Central Coast Division Rugby League plans to incorporate a Ladies League Tag competition into the regular senior rugby league format commencing Season 2015. Each club is expected to field a team of eleven players, with matches to be played on game day prior to the usual Open Age fixtures.

If you are over the age of 15 years and are interested in being part of the Roos first Ladies League Tag team, please give Football Manager Matt Lavin a call on 43922799 or 0414012437.

            Added Tue Oct 14 12:38:54 2014


Follow the link below for season review of the Wyong Roos VB NSW Cup team.



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Following a very successful year both on and off the field, Wyong Roos held their annual presentation in the Showroom at Wyong Leagues Club last Friday night. Below is the complete list of award winners;


Under 19’s Awards

Best and Fairest  –        Luke Sharpe

Player’s Player–            Jacob Liddle

Most Consistent –         Josh Ryan

Most Potential –            Kairo Anderson


Open Grade Awards

Best and Fairest –       Josiah Fonua

Player’s Player –         Josiah Fonua

Best Back –                 Josh Liddle

Most Potential –          Jesse Cody


Reserve Grade Awards

Best and Fairest –       Michael Power

Player’s Player –         Dustin Baldry

Best Back –                 Dan Hewitt    

Most Consistent –       Greg Gibbins


1st Grade Awards

Best & Fairest –         Dean Amos

Players Player –         Blake Carter

Best Back –                Mick Forgham

Most Consistent –      Nathan Clarke


NSW CUP Awards

Craig Purcell Memorial – Players Player – Mark O’Meley and Magnus Stromquist

Daryl Palmer Memorial – Best & Fairest – Magnus Stromquist

Player with the Most Potential –                  Damon Goolagong Jr


2014 Major Awards

Player of the Year –   Magnus Stromquist

Youths of the Year – Jacob Liddle and Damon Goolagong Jr


Bert Deaves Memorial “Most outstanding performance in a game” – NSW Cup team in their 40-26 come from behind victory over Illawarra Cutters.


Danny Foster Memorial “Highest senior try scorer” – Kairo Anderson (24 tries).


Photo - Magnus Stromquist - 2014 Player of the year



            Updated Wed Oct 1 09:21:36 2014


Matt Lavin is the tireless Football Manager at Wyong Roos. His duties encompass just about everything football on offer at the Club, and very little gets done without Matt’s involvement in one form or another.

Matt played with Cronulla-Caringbah Sharks from 7 years of age, until his family relocated to the Central Coast in 1991. Matt joined the Roos Juniors in the Under 13’s, and progressed to 1st Grade, winning a CCD premiership under Troy Pezet in 2002 and a Newcastle premiership under Paul Stringer in 2009. He won the Newcastle premiership with Lakes United under Rip Taylor in 2001, and was also a member of the Wyong team beaten in 2007 by Lakes United, skippered and coached by current NSW Cup Asst. Coach, Ian Bourke. Matt was Development Officer at the Roos 2010-2012, and has held his current position for the last two years.

SM: “Can 2014 be summarized in just a few words?”

ML: “A year for the ages. A great foundation has been laid that we can build on. The most pleasing fact was the amount of juniors playing across the five grades…from 19’s through to NSW Cup. Overall, the way the local comp is structured onfield with the Player Points System, we have to continue producing teams with high junior content.”

SM:  “Did you have enough help this season?”

ML: “The support staff are the lifeblood of the club. The current crop are great people and do their jobs well. If I go and ask someone to give me a hand, they have been more than happy to help out. The overwhelming majority are here for the right reasons.”

SM: “Have there been any headaches?”

ML: “Belinda (tongue firmly in cheek). Yes, but nothing we couldn’t handle. A lot of things arise during a season, but they get dealt with in a professional manner.”

SM: “What will 2015 hold for the Club?”

ML: “It will mark a new era…an affiliation with an NRL Club…it’s exciting.”

SM: “How is the relationship with Sydney Roosters progressing from your perspective? 

ML: “The agreement has been signed. The logistics are being worked out, but as far as sponsorship and staff are concerned, everything is falling into place. The Roosters start their pre-season next Monday (3 November). Magnus (Stromquist) and Minnie (Mitch Williams) are in the squad. That’s a great thing for this region. People can see NRL opportunities can come from this region…players need not leave the coast for that to happen.”

SM: “Has the affiliation with the Roosters added to your workload?”

ML: “Sure has….and it will only increase.”

SM: “I know the number of hours you put in. Are you still enjoying the job?” 

ML: “Absolutely. It’s my passion. You find your obsession, make it your profession, and never have to work a day in your life. I love playing a part in giving local people a chance to play at the highest level they can, and enjoying what this club has to offer on and off the field.”

SM: “Will the partnership with the Roosters provide you with any professional development opportunities?”

ML: “Yes. I am looking forward to developing my skills. I have ambitions. I would like to work at an NRL club. The relationship with the Roosters will give me the opportunity to learn their best practises, and everything else that goes along with it at that level.”

SM: “Is there room for improvement on last season?”

ML: “Always. The game is always evolving. For example this year we have the new gym. We will have another training field soon, and we are upgrading our medical room. I would like to replicate the scoreboard at Morry Brren Field on Bill Hicks. The demands on our grounds are huge. They are at capacity now…they need to be properly resourced and their use could be managed better. We need to look at developing more playing fields.”

SM: “Would it be healthy for us to expand further?”

ML: “Given where we are…one step below NRL, it has to be looked at.”

SM: “Do you have a wish list for 2015?”

ML: “See as many Wyong juniors as possible play NSW Cup… reach their highest potential. I’d like to see the people involved in the organisation develop as people…football can only take you so far. For the NSW Cup team to make top four…that’s a realistic goal…third year in to make a GF…not impossible…or even win one.”

SM: “What about locally?”

ML: “Maintain what we did this year…give local kids the opportunity to play in a Grand Final and win one…it’s hard enough to get there, let alone win.”

SM: “You copped a bagging from Belinda in her interview. I think she was only half serious. Now is the time for your right of reply.”

ML: “Can I get away with ‘no comment’.”

SM: “Have you given up on the Sharks?”

ML: “Yes. I’m now a Roosters supporter. The Roosters have invested in this region. With the direct affiliation it is an easy fit. And a change is as good as a holiday as they say. It was a great feeling to be able to say my team’s coming first and are minor premiers.”


Matt and his wife Renee have two sons, Bailey and Nixon. Bailey will play Under 10’s in Season 2015 and Nixon Under 7’s.

SM: “Bailey is a left footer like yourself. Do you see any of your game in him?”

ML: “Yes… and that’s probably a bad thing. He’s mad about his footy. He goes into competition this year and is really looking forward to it. He loves being ball boy and coming to footy. It teaches life skills…making friends….what’s appropriate and what’s not…without them even knowing…I think when they get older they will be glad Dad took them to the footy…that it was a good thing growing up. Nixon, he is as mad as a meat axe…lives and breathes footy…the down side is he’s a Rabbitoh supporter. I say to his grandmother it’s a form of child abuse to support that club.”

SM: “The job is so demanding, and with a young family, obviously you could not do it without great support from Renee?”

ML: “That’s right. But her job is just as demanding…being a full time nurse. It’s a massive credit to her to study at uni for four years and not just get her qualification, but a degree with distinction. She is working in Paediatrics at Gosford at the moment, but has applied for ICU at John Hunter. Her peers say she has a big future. Doing all that and raising two and a half kids (I am the half)….amazing.”   

            Added Sat Nov 1 11:58:02 2014


Three Wyong Roos VB NSW Cup players Mitch Williams, Magnus Stromquist, and Leivaha Pulu have been selected in the summer training camp with the Sydney Roosters NRL Squad. 

Follow the link below for details.


            Added Wed Nov 5 12:48:11 2014


Wyong Roos VB NSW Cup Squad completed their first week of pre-season training with some Downward Facing Dog and Four-Limbed Staff Asanas in a Dynamic Yoga class at the Real Commando Training Centre at Long Jetty. The session was arranged by Strength & Conditioning Director Matt Toohey, who along with Coach Taylor, hit the floor with the boys to shed some rust and early season soreness. What they lacked in grace and flexibility, they made up with good humour, and the class was a welcome variation to the physical work which dominates training at this time of year.  

            Added Sat Nov 22 13:18:48 2014


Experienced Central Coast Rugby League identity, Tony Clarke, has taken the reins for 1st Grade’s Season 2015 premiership defence. Tony joins the coaching staff at Wyong Roos after successful stints with Woy Woy, Newcastle Knights and Manly Sea Eagles, and will also assist RiP Taylor with the NSW Cup squad.

Club stalwarts, Matt Ross and Jerry “Muddy” Hill, will respectively take control of Reserve Grade and Open Age. Jerry will be aiming to secure a hat trick of Minor Premierships in 2015, as well as repeating last season’s successful campaign. Matt is moving to a principal role after strong work as an assistant over several years.

Jason “Angry” Parker will again have charge of the Under 19’s. Although looking for his fourth consecutive premiership, Jason will once more focus on what he does best; developing juniors into genuine grade players.

Wyong Roos are confident these men will build upon the success of 2014, and lead the Club through another big year of competition in Season 2015.

Preparations for the inaugural Ladies League Tag team continue. Any persons interested in playing (must be over 15 years), or in support roles, should contact Matt Lavin at Wyong Leagues Club on (02) 43922799.



            Added Fri Nov 28 14:10:23 2014


Wyong Roos VB NSW Cup squad commenced their pre-season field sessions on 17 November, 2014.  Squad numbers have been supplemented with lower grade players handpicked by Coach Taylor as a reward for their 2014 seasons, and as an investment in Season 2015. Training will continue each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Leagues Club complex Kanwal, with several Saturday mornings thrown in at other venues until the squad breaks for Christmas on 20 December.

            Added Tue Nov 18 14:17:54 2014



Rip Taylor talks with Roosters TV.  Follow link below


            Added Thu Nov 27 16:30:53 2014


Wyong Roos 2015 VB NSW Cup campaign commenced 12 November with screening of the squad by Strength & Conditioning Director, Matt Toohey, and Head Physio, Brendan Clarke.

Players underwent a physiological examination and were assessed through a variety of strength and flexibility tests to determine the best methods for delivering the physical program for the pre-season and beyond.

Training will formally commence 17 November 2014.

            Added Fri Nov 14 07:54:16 2014


Roos young gun, Robbie Rodger, has been named Hunter Sports High Rugby League Player of the Year. The award caps a fine season for Robbie, one in which he represented Country 18’s, and was voted Central Coast Under 18 Representative Player of the Year. Robbie was given an opportunity to play 1st Grade with the Roos late in the season, and on the back of some outstanding performances, became an important member of the Roos premiership winning team.

“It was out of me and another guy who also played for Country this year. But I played 1st grade and he didn’t….that’s what got me over the line. Just another thing I have to thank the Roos for.”

Current Kangaroo winger, Sione Mata’utia received the same award in 2012 and 2013. Sione is the only player to twice win the award.

Robbie has completed his physical screening for NSW Cup, and will join the squad when training formally commences on 17 November.

            Added Sat Nov 15 08:18:59 2014


On Tuesday 25th November, 2014 the Wyong Roos and Central Coast Centurions 2015 Coaching, Strength & Conditioning, and Medical staff attended the Sydney Roosters Headquarters and met with the Sydney Roosters staff.  Follow the link below for a quick video summary. 


            Added Thu Nov 27 08:22:50 2014


Wadalba Community School held it’s Rugby League Targeted Sports Program awards night at Canton Beach Sports Club on 4 December. Wyong Rugby League Club Group is proud to provide practical and financial support to the program, and of the 21 awards presented on the night, 11 went to Roos junior players.

Former Origin front rower, Ryan O’Hara, was special guest and spoke about the commitment and attitude necessary to be a success at NRL level. Teacher and Co-ordinator of the program, James Huff, provided some video highlights from the season, which included wins by the Under 16’s and Opens in their respective Central Coast carnivals.

Blake Andrews was named TSP Player of the Year. Blake is currently trialling with Newcastle SG Ball team, and when his commitments to the Knights finish in 2015, Blake will be fast tracked into the Roos Under 19’s.

Jacob Liddle is on tour with the Australian Schoolboys. Upon his return from England and France, Jacob will receive the enormous honour of being the first student inducted into the Wadalba Community School Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to all award winners, as well as the hard working and dedicated staff who deliver the program.

Complete List of Winners

 Under 13’s

 Player of the Year – Jack Hill (Wyong Roos)

Best Back – Jacob Clapham (Wyong Roos)

Best Forward – Ben Olsen (Wyong Roos)

Most Improved – Billy Dean-Gault

Under 14’s

Player of the Year – Jaron Purcell (Wyong Roos)

Best Back – Connor Peden

Best Forward – Ryan Dowman (Wyong Roos)

Most Improved – Zac Hayward

Under 15’s

Player of the Year – Sam McKenna

Best Back – Tomi Kaati (Wyong Roos)

Best Forward – Tarnae Mahon

Most Improved – Garrett Aber

Under 16’s

Player of the Year – Joel Bradbury

Best Back – Aaron Heaven

Best Forward – Joel Mula (Wyong Roos)

Most Improved – James Foster (Wyong Roos)


Player of the Year – Jacob Liddle (Wyong Roos)

Best BackTom Harvey

Best Forward – Carl Pearson

Most Improved – Lachlan Garland (Wyong Roos)

TSP Player of the Year – Blake Andrews

            Updated Thu Dec 11 11:21:27 2014


Damaging backrower Tekina Vailea has signed with St George Illawarra for Season 2015. After joining Wyong Roos from Penrith, Tekina established himself as one of the most dangerous forwards in the VB NSW Cup competition, and has been courted by several NRL franchises. The Club wishes Tekina every success with the Dragons.


            Added Sat Dec 6 11:55:38 2014


The Wyong Roos 2015 Central Coast Division campaign under Coach Tony Clarke commences 6pm Tuesday 27 January, 2015. Trials against Kincumber (14 March @ Morry Breen Field Kanwal) and Central Newcastle (21 March @ St John’s Oval Charlestown) have been scheduled, with one more to be arranged prior to kick off on the Easter weekend.

Any enquiries should be directed to Football Manager Matt Lavin at Wyong Leagues Club on (02) 43922799.

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Follow the Wyong Roos on Facebook.  Our Facebook page can be accessed from the link below or by 'liking' us in the homepage of this website. 


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Follow the Wyong Roos on Twitter by clicking on the link below, or the Twitter logo on the homepage of this website.


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The French leg of the Australian Schoolboys 2014 tour comprised matches against France Under 19’s at Perpignan on 15 December and France Under 18’s at Toulouse on 19 December.

The Australians got the better of the Under 19’s 30-20 in a six tries to four victory. Jacob scored in the 63rd minute, and with the conversion by Brock Lamb, the tourists led 26-10 at that point. Eight minutes from fulltime, the visitors were comfortably ahead 30-14. The home team crossed for a converted try right on fulltime to add some respectability to the final scoreline.

Jacob again featured in the last match of the tour, which resulted in a relatively easy 40-4 win for the visitors. The Australians led 24-0 at halftime, and kept the locals scoreless until the 67th minute.

The touring squad was packed with talent, as one would expect, with many of the players already ensconced within NRL club systems. Jacob more than held his own in this company, taking the field in each of the matches, scoring regularly and starring against the English Academy.

Wyong Roos wish Jacob every success when he resumes training with Wests Tigers NYC squad in 2015.



            Added Mon Dec 22 16:09:53 2014


Wyong Roos Youth of the Year, Jacob Liddle, has forced his way into the first 17 on the Australian Schoolboys tour of England and France. The team remains undefeated to date with four wins; 86-6 against Combined Regional Academy on 26 November, 36-18 against Wigan Academy on 29 November, 38-24 against Leeds Academy on 2 December, and 22-18 against the English Academy on 6 December.

Jacob (1 try) and other Central Coast boys, Jack Cogger (1) and Lattrell Mitchell (3) all made the scoresheet in the big win over the Combined Regional Academy. 

Jacob scored the opening try in the match against Leeds at the famous Headingly ground, supporting a Ray Stone break through the middle of the park to touch down beneath the posts. After receiving a ten minute rest in the sin bin at the 31st minute for allegedly instigating a fracas, Jacob was moved to five eighth when he returned to the field, and set about burning his marker on the outside with a nice show and go to put Ash Nisbet across the line. 

As was expected, the team met with sterner resistance from the English Academy in game four. Jacob started from the bench in that match. The combatants scored four tries a piece, with the difference coming from Brock Lamb’s boot. 

The squad play their last match of the English leg of the tour on 12 December, when they again clash with the national Academy side at Leigh Sports Village

            Added Mon Dec 8 07:52:38 2014


The rivalry between Wyong Roos and Central Wyong Razorbacks spread to the ring on Saturday 6 December, when footballers Jay Florimo and Brad McAllister came together for Fighting For Autism.

McAllster rattled Florimo early with some well directed jabs and crosses. As the first round progressed, Florimo began to find his range, and by the end of the opening round, the scorecard was fairly even.

Florimo stalked McAllister from the outset of Round 2, with both fighters wearing some strong counter-punches. Midway through the round, Florimo unleashed a flurry of punches from both hands. McAllister pressed forward, but found himself tagged by a well timed right. The punch rocked McAllister, and as he began to stagger, the referee called the fight.

Congratulations to both men for entering the ring and bravely putting on a show for an important charity.

Local boy, Damien “Big D” Brown kept his undefeated record intact with a victory over Joey Terei in the heavyweight K1 rematch, and in the main muay thai bout, world titleholder, Mat Cashmore, was too good for well credentialed Melbourne fighter, Erik Miskle

            Added Mon Dec 8 08:11:38 2014


The NRL commissioned Prozone to compile a Statistics Guide for the 2014 VB NSW Cup season. Prozone employ a small army of analysts to review match video, extract the numbers and enter them into the Prozone system, then make the edited video and statistics available to each club on the Tuesday following the relevant match.

Wyong Roos season has been reduced to numbers, which tell a story, and which will be used by Coach Taylor and his staff to shape the program and strategies for 2015, and help identify opposition weaknesses.

The team figures were good and bad. The Roos hold the record for highest number of effective tackles in a match (407 against Canterbury Bulldogs on 10/8/14), and made the highest number of individual runs for the season (3,683). Wyong completed 601 sets during the season (4th best behind Newcastle, St George Illawarra and Mounties), but with an overall completion rate of 69%, were third worst in the competition (ahead of only Canterbury and NZ Warriors). The Roos were second best for away games won, but tenth best for home ground victories.

Some of the individual performances were outstanding. Brock Molan finished on top of the halves for average metres run per match (104m). Zane Tetevano was best in the same category for both locks (153m) and second rowers (130m). Mitch Williams was third in average tackles per match (40.5).

            Added Mon Dec 15 08:23:02 2014


The Wyong Roos VB NSW Cup squad attended the NRL's Semi-Pro information day at the Parramatta Campus of the University of Western Sydney on 13th December, 2014.

Former NRL player and Erina Coach Jamey Feeney introduced the NRL AWARE program, designed to better educate players on issues of alcohol and drug misuse, gambling, dietary supplements, the role of ASADA, and interpersonal relationships in the age of social media.  Players will now be required to pass an on-line test examining their understanding of these issues before being permitted to play rugby league in 2015.  The AWARE program hopes to better prepare the young men in the game to recognise potential problems and make sensible decisions when those problems arise. 

Dr Jioji Ravulo, Senior Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences at UWS outlined the types of mental health disorders experienced by the population, the tell tale symptoms and the impact of substance misuse on brain development.  Dr Ravulo, in conjunction with former top grade player, Wayne Wingham, discussed the debilitating nature of depression and the assistance available within the community and inside the NRL to heal deal with the illness and support people through related difficulties.

The day finished with real life presentations from one man whose life and family ws largely destroyed by substance abuse and gambling, and another whom on the surface was popular and successful, but who was a functioning alcoholic, angry with himself and ultimately dissatisfied with his life.

If the day's program simply served to raise player awareness, this NRL initiative is well worthwhile. 

            Updated Fri Dec 19 09:01:59 2014


The NSWRL has published the NSW Cup, SG Ball, and Harold Matthews Cup draws for 2015.

Wyong Roos play the opening  three rounds at home:-

  • Round 1 -v- Manly - Saturday 7th March, @ 6pm
  • Round 2 -v- Mounties - Saturday 14th March, @6pm
  • Round 3 -v- Newcastle - Saturday 21st March, @3pm 

Each of these three fixtures will be preceded by Central Coast Centurions SG Ball and Harold Matthews representative matches. 

The Roos will feature in three televised matches in 2015.

  • Round 11 -v- Wests Tigers @Campbelltown Stadium - 5.15pm Saturday 23rd May, 2015 
  • Round 14 -v- Warriors @ Mt Smart Stadium - 5.45pm (NZ Time) Saturday 13th June, 2015
  • Round 18 -v- Penrith @ Sportingbet Stadium - 3.15pm Saturday 11th July, 2015

The Round 11 match will precede the NRL clash between Wests Tigers and North Queensland Cowboys.

The Round 14 and Round 18 matches will precede the Sydney Roosters respective clashes with the Warriors and Panthers.

There will be six Sunday games at Morry Breen Field in 2015:-

  • Round 5 -v- NZ Warriors - Sunday 5th April, 2015
  • Round 9 -v- Wests Tigers - Sunday 10th May, 2015
  • Round 16 -v- Penrith - Sunday 28th June, 2015
  • Round 20 -v- Newtown - Sunday 26th July, 2015
  • Round 22 -c- Canterbury - Sunday 9th August, 2015
  • Round 25 -v- Wentworthville - Sunday 30th August, 2015

The Roos finish the regular season with two home games:-

  • Round 24 -v- North Sydney - Saturday 22nd August, 2015
  • Round 25 -v- Wentworthville - Sunday 30th August, 2015

Wyong have three byes during the season on the weekends of 30-31 May, 4-5 July, and 1-2 August, 2015.  There will be no NSW Cup football on the weekend of 2-3 May, 2015 due to the annual representative fixture against the QLD Residents team.

The NSW Cup Grand Final will be held on Sunday 27th September, 2015 and the National Championship Playoff will precede the NRL Grand Final on Sunday 4th October, 2015. 

The complete draws for NSW Cup, SG Ball, and Harold Matthews Cup can be located in the 'Newsletter' area of this website.  (homepage)

            Updated Fri Dec 19 11:01:04 2014


The Australian Schoolboys tasted their first defeat on the current tour in their rematch against the English Academy at Leigh Sports Village on 12th December, 2014.  The English Academy opened the scoring and led 10-8 at halftime then extended that lead to 16-8 early in the second half.  Jacob Liddle scored in the 58th minute, and with Brock Lamb's conversion, the scoreline narrowed to 16-14.  However, two late tries to the home team pushed the score out to 28-14 by fulltime.

The French leg of the tour has commenced.  The Australians play France Under 19's in Perpignan on 15th December, 2014, then France Under 18's at Toulouse on 19th December, 2014 to complete the tour. 

            Added Fri Dec 19 09:07:47 2014


2015 Sydney Roosters Memberships will be available  to purchase at the Wyong Juniors first registration day at Wyong Leagues Club on Saturday 7th February, 2015.  Memberships can be purchased between 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Memberships start at $49.95 for juniors and $59.95 for adults and season tickets from just $95 juniors and $159.00 adults.

For every New Sydney Roosters Member, 20% of the Membership total will be given back to our club.

Junior  Membership Benefits:

-        2015 Roosters Flat Brim Cap

·         Roosters Headphones

·         Roosters Stationary Kit

·         Roosters Insulated Lunch Box

·         Birthday Card From Sydney Roosters Player

·          2 x match ticket to a Roosters Home Game

·         Free entry to the Kids Coaching Clinic

            Added Sun Jan 25 10:33:02 2015


Wyong Roos player Mitch Williams has been named in the Sydney Roosters Squad to play in the Auckland 9's tournament.  Mitch has been training with the Roosters in summer camp and has certainly impressed the Roosters coaching staff.  

Follow the link below for Roosters TV video package following the release ot the Roosters Squad. 


            Updated Mon Jan 26 11:51:17 2015


Premiership winning prop, Kene Tewhata, will turn out for Erina in Season 2015. Kene dominated the forward exchanges during the Roos charge through last year’s finals series, and it is no surprise the Eagles were interested as they look to rebuild after a disappointing 2014. The big front rower felt he needed a change, and if he  finds form with the tri-colours, Kene will provide power through the middle third, and a platform on which Erina can build their attack. Wyong Roos hope Kene achieves the results he wants from the move, and wishes him all the best in this new phase of his football career. 

            Added Tue Jan 13 11:41:46 2015


Roos 1 qualified for the semi-finals of the Jason Annear Memorial 9’s Tournament as first ranked team, then progressed to the final after beating fourth ranked Toukley 22-8 in a spiteful, stop-start encounter. Manly cruised past last year’s finalists, Berkeley Vale, in the other semi-final, to set up a play off between the past two winners of the competition.

Wyong dominated both possession and field position in the first half of the final, but two late tries to the Sea Eagles saw them go to the break with an 11-6 lead. Roos 1 quickly responded after half time through tries to skipper Brock Molan and rookie winger Kairo Anderson, giving the Central Coast side what appeared to be a match winning 17-11 advantage. Manly refused to lie down, and with little time remaining, advanced the ball upfield. Buddy Gordon reflexively reached for a late tackle kick. The ball bounced kindly for the maroon and white chasers, who promptly regathered and scored beneath the posts to earn the bonus five point try. The drop kick conversion put Manly in front 18-17. Roos 1 pressed for a last gasp victory, but were caught short by the siren.

The Sea Eagles were the best performed and most consistent team in the competition, and well deserved the win. Wyong improved throughout the day, saving their best for last. Hooker Manaia Osborne was busy in attack and showed plenty of courage in defence. Middle men Eloni Vunakece, Shaun Boss and Carne Doyle-Manga carried the ball effectively and without fear, and were tough and ruthless when the Sea Eagles had possession. Best on ground for the Roos was new recruit, Matt Ikuvalu, who scored one try, threw the last pass for another, and constantly made himself available both sides of the ball.

The nature of the game of 9’s makes it virtually impossible to defend repeat sets. Errors in possession become even more critical, amplified by the greater space available to attackers.  Wyong failed to exploit one genuine scoring opportunity in the first half, and a handling mistake in the shadow of half time allowed Manly to score consecutive tries. Simply put, that was the difference between the teams, and enough for the $4,000 first place prize money to head to Brookvale.

Congratulations to the event organiser, Shayne Hayne, and his army of volunteers from the Berkeley Vale Panthers. The tournament ran smoothly and notwithstanding the extremely hot conditions, was enjoyable for players and spectators alike due principally to a lot of hard work and plenty of good will on the part of Shayne, his support crew and the referees.

Wyong’s focus now turns to the trial against Penrith Panthers on 7 February at Morry Breen Field Kanwal. Sydney Roosters Head Coach, Trent Robinson, has earmarked several players from his full time squad to join the Roos for that hit out. The match will likely give members and supporters a better idea of the makeup and potential strength of the squad to contest the 2015 VB NSW Cup. Entry is free. Mark your calendars.   

Link - Video package from Jason Annear Memorial 9's



            Updated Mon Jan 26 12:26:48 2015


Comprising mainly Central Coast Division grade and Under 19 players, Roos 2 found the competition in the Jason Annear Memorial 9’s a little too tough, and failed to progress from the pools phase of the tournament. Roos 2 were soundly beaten by Berkeley Vale, Newcastle All Blacks and the Timberwolves. Wyong found it difficult to engineer space, struggled to create scoring opportunities and could not make the effort on effort defensive plays required to keep themselves in each of the games. The hot conditions were equally demanding of all teams. Most of Roos 2 have enjoyed a pre-season preparation which commenced early November, so comparative lack of conditioning was not an issue. The boys failed to put into practice the ruck plays and game awareness coached at each training session, and may be struggling to adjust to the way things are done at NSW Cup level. Robbie Rodger displayed strength and tenacity to score two five point tries. Jesse Cody and Nathan Angeles were the other try scorers for Roos 2. James Mircesky and Adam Hamilton were aggressive and showed promise, but the earlier lacked support, and the latter, discipline. Playing in this competition was only ever viewed by the coaching staff as a trial, but they will devote a little time to sift through the good and bad from this hit out, and make the necessary adjustments. Training for Under 19, Central Coast grade and Ladies League Tag players commences 6pm, Tuesday 27 January.

            Added Mon Jan 26 11:56:56 2015


Central Coast Express Advocate Article - Friday 23rd January, 2014. Follow the link below.


            Updated Fri Jan 23 13:36:27 2015


Wyong Roos Old Boys and Supporters will hold their Annual General Meeting at Wyong Bowling Club at 11am on 22 February 2015.

If you have been involved with the Roos in any capacity or simply support the green and gold, come along to the meeting and find out what they are all about. New members and fresh ideas are welcome, and with 2015 being the inaugural season of the partnership with Sydney Roosters, the year holds plenty of promise both on and off the field.

The meeting will be followed by some bowls and tall stories (many of them true), and new members will have the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the characters and legends that make up our great Club.

            Added Tue Jan 20 13:41:03 2015


The Rugby League Expo originally scheduled for the Wyong Leagues Club complex at Kanwal on 7 February, will now be held at Central Coast Stadium on 21 February. All Central Coast clubs (senior & junior) will be represented at the Expo, which is now set to coincide with Wyong’s first match on the undercard to NRL partners, Sydney Roosters. Gates open at 1.45pm with the NYC trial against Manly kicking off at 2pm, the Roos NSW Cup trial against the Sea Eagles starting at 4.15pm and the big Roosters-Manly NRL trial at 6.30pm.

            Added Tue Jan 20 13:45:38 2015


Sydney Roosters NRL Premiership winning hooker, Jake Friend, will be attending Wyong Roos Juniors registration day at Headquarters on 7 February. Several other Roosters stars are likely to be at Morry Breen Field that day, as the Roosters NYC and Roos NSW Cup squads take on Penrith in the afternoon. Coach Taylor will have to find spots and paddock time for a handful of the NRL boys, and believes the Panthers will also field some of their NRL squad in the trial. The Roosters representatives, including Jake, will be on hand to speak with anyone interested in becoming a member of the Chooks Supporters Club. So if you are coming along to register or simply collecting your gear, say hello to Jake and stick around to watch the Roos and Roosters clash with Penrith.

Enquiries should be directed to Belinda Hill at the Leagues Club on (02) 43922799.

            Added Tue Jan 20 13:48:04 2015


Tickets for the trial match between the Sydney Roosters and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles are now on sale.

 The pre-season trial between the 2013 Grand Final rivals, which has been confirmed as an annual fixture for the next four years, will be played on Saturday, February 21 at Central Coast Stadium.

Roosters and Sea Eagles 2015 Members can take advantage of special discounts, with ticket prices starting at just $15 for adults and $7 for juniors. 2015 Roosters and Sea Eagles Members have been emailed details on how to purchase discounted tickets.

The general public can purchase tickets from $20 for adults and $10 for juniors, with tickets available for pre-purchase via http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=NRLTRIAL15.

Alternatively, tickets will be available via ticket outlets at Central Coast Stadium on the day.

A product of the Central Coast, Roosters five-eighth James Maloney expressed his excitement at the upcoming trial against the Sea Eagles at Central Coast Stadium.

“I’m really looking forward to heading to the Central Coast to play against Manly next month,” said Maloney.

The Sea Eagles have been one of the leaders of the comp for a number of years now, so it’s great to have this last hit-out against them before the season gets underway. I have no doubt both sides will be primed and ready to go, so hopefully we get a strong turnout from Members and fans coming along to the game” he added.

Sea Eagles captain, Jamie Lyon, was also looking forward to the upcoming trial against the Roosters.

“It’s always a challenge playing the Roosters as they’re such a solid, well-drilled footy side. We’ve had some great battles in recent years, so I'm hoping as many club Members and NRL fans purchase tickets to what I’m sure will be a quality game of football at Central Coast Stadium,” said Lyon.

The day will feature each of the Club’s top three grades, as well as membership, merchandise and community information available for both Roosters and Sea Eagles Members and supporters to be located at various points around the venue.

Sydney Roosters v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Saturday, February 21

Central Coast Stadium

NRL – Sydney Roosters v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 6.30pm kick-off

NSW Cup – Wyong Roos v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 4.15pm kick-off

NYC – Sydney Roosters v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 2.00pm kick-off

Prices for the Roosters v Sea Eagles Trial at Central Coast Stadium are as follows:



Roosters/Sea Eagles 2015 Members







Club Members Reserved







Club Members General Admission







General Public






Public Reserved







Public General Admission








            Updated Wed Jan 21 14:27:15 2015


NSW Cup left winger, Dale Clacherty, completed his degree in Education last year, and has accepted the offer of a teaching position in the Taree area. Dale will not be retiring just yet, and has plans to play with Port Stephens Sharks in the Newcastle competition. Wyong Roos wish Dale every success in this new stage of his life, and thanks him for his outstanding service in 2014.



            Added Mon Jan 12 07:13:51 2015


Mitch Riley,  Man of the Match in last season’s Under 19 Grand Final, has decided to return to his junior club, Toukley, for Season 2015. The gifted half/five eighth, with one of the best passing games on the Coast, will be sorely missed by the Roos. As well as winning three premierships whilst at Wyong, Mitch made many friends and earned the respect of his team mates and the coaching staff.  Mitch is at short odds to cement a first grade spot at the Hawks, and the Roos best wishes go with him back to Darren Kennedy Oval.

            Added Thu Jan 22 07:35:11 2015


Roosters TV - Interview with Wyong Roo player Magnus Stromquist who is in training with the Roosters.  Follow the link below.


            Added Fri Jan 23 07:48:39 2015


Season 2015 for the Fiji National Rugby League kicked off on 16 January with the Vodaphone Fiji 9’s Tournament at Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka. Coastline Roos entered two sides in the 16 team competition. Roos Green were eliminated in the 1st Semi-Final of the main draw, while Roos White tasted success with a victory in the plate final. Our Fiji brethren were very happy with their effort, and no doubt hope to use the results as a springboard into the season proper.

            Added Fri Jan 23 07:55:47 2015


Wyong Roos regrettably announce the juniors fundraising day planned for Gosford Races on 21 February, 2015 has had to be cancelled.  Scheduled to coincide with the Roos first ever trial at Central Coast Stadium with new NRL partners, Sydney Roosters, the functions department at Gosford Race Club resolved not to proceed with the Roos booking. The fundraiser will not be rescheduled at that venue.

Notwithstanding this disappointment, members and supporters are encouraged to get along to Central Coast Stadium to watch the Roos NSW Cup trial against Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. Gates open at 1.45pm, with the NYC trial between the Roosters and Manly kicking off at 2.00pm.

Advance tickets are available on the following link; http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=NRLTRIAL15

Special discounts are available for Roosters and Manly Supporters Club members. Why not take advantage and secure your membership beforehand?



            Updated Fri Jan 23 07:58:22 2015


Wyong Roos NSW Cup squad returned to the training paddock on 7 January, 2015 after the Christmas hiatus. Expanded by the inclusion of some new faces, the squad fires it’s first shot in anger in 2015 when the boys contest the Jason Annear 9’s tournament at Berkeley Vale on 24 January. Following that hit out, focus will sharpen for the trials against Penrith at Morry Breen Field on 7 February, and against Manly at Central Coast Stadium on 21 February. The NSW Cup competition proper commences for the Roos at 6pm on Saturday 7 March with a home game against the Sea Eagles.  

            Added Mon Jan 12 07:09:13 2015


The Sydney Roosters and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have announced they will play their trial match ahead of kick-off to the 2015 NRL season on Saturday 21st at Central Coast Stadium, Gosford.  

The 2013 Grand Final rivals have also agreed to make the pre-season trial an annual fixture for the next four years.

Both Clubs have immensely strong followings across the Central Coast.  The Sea Eagles have regularly taken NRL games to the area over many years, while the Roosters have formed a partnership with the Central Coast Division Rugby League as well as the Wyong Roos, who will represent the Foundation Club in te NSW Cup.

"We're pleased to enter this partnership with the Sea Eagles that will see each of our three grades feature in an annual trial over the next four years," said Roosters Chief Operating Officer Football, Brian Canavan. 

"With more than 5.500 participants in the region, the Central Coast has a strong rugby loeague supporters base, and with next month's trial locked in at Central Coast Stadium, we're looking forward to engaging with the community to promote our code in lead-up to the day, " added Canavan.

Sea Eagles CEO Joe Kelly echoed the setiments, saying he was excited the Club would be playing such a competitive side over the coming years. 

"We've been two of the benchmark sides in recent seasons, so to secure a trial like this over the next four years is a real coup for both Clubs," Kelly said. 

"Both the Roosters and Sea Eagles have a fantastic relationship with the community on the Central Coast with many loyal members from the region, so it's great to see this in the diary for 2015 and beyond," he added. 

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and Sydney Roosters Head Coaches Geoff Toovey and Trent Robinson were both pleased to have the annual trial locked in for the next four years. 

"While there are no points on the line in these matches, they are vitally important for each player, as well as the coaching staff, to ensure they will be 100% ready and committed for the rigours of another grueling NRL season," Toovey said.

"I'm sure Trent (Robinson) will have his side fully prepped and ready, as he always does, but we'll be just as ready and are looking forward to the eraly season match up against a quality rival," he added.

"Manly have been the benchmark side over the last decade, and it will be a great measure for each of our squads to test themselves in lead-up to the season over the next four years," said Robinson.

The day will feature each of the Club's tope three grades, as well as membership, merchandise, and community information available for both Roosters and Sea Eagles Members and supporters to be located ar various points around the venue.  

Tickets for the Central Coast Stadium clash will be on sale soon through Ticketek, with both the Roosters and Sea Eagles 2015 Members receiving significant discounts on all ticketing options.

Sydney Roosters -v- Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Saturday, February 21

Central Coast Stadium

NRL - Sydney Roosters -v- Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 6.30pm kick-off

NSW Cup - Wyong Roos -v- Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 4.15 kick-off

NYC - Sydney Roosters -v- Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 2.00pm kick-off





            Added Tue Jan 20 08:48:37 2015


An important part of the ethos of Wyong Roos is to assist in the development of the game.  Putting that philosophy into practice, the Club continues to support ther Coastline Roos playing out of Nadroga-Navoha province on the Coral Coast of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu.  Members and supporters planning a trip to Fiji should include the Coral Coast in their itinerary.  The locals are renowned for their hospitality, and Roos people can expect the warmest of welcomes.

Follow the link http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=290843 to the 'Boost for Local Players' article by Maciu Malo published on the 4 January, 2015 edition of the Fiji Times online. 


            Updated Tue Jan 20 08:59:29 2015



The Rhys Wesser Shield was contested between NSW Under 16 Indigenous Young Achievers and WA Pirates Academy at Redfern Oval on Sunday 18th January, 2015.  The Young Achievers led 16-8 at half time, but no doubt fuelled by the emotion surrounding last week's death of their team mate, Torran Thomas, the Pirates finished the stronger, untimately taking the match 22-16. 

After completing a tough beach session with the Roos VB NSW Cup squad on Saturday morning, looking none the worse for wear, Buddy was on hand to present Blake Roberts with the Yileen "Buddy" Gordon Award as Best on Ground for the Young Achievers. 

Buddy has been leading the way at training, and is obviously keen to remind the Roosters Coaching Staff he still has plenty to offer.  If Buddy cannot force his way into the Roosters NRL squad in the short term, his experience and enthusiasm will prove invaluable for the Roos 2015 VB NSW Cup campaign.  Coach Taylor's roster is coming together well, with the addition of Buddy and the Roosters full timers, expectations are high for an even better result than Season 2014. 


            Updated Tue Jan 20 09:16:08 2015

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